Recent work

Emergency response organization

Context: This organization is documenting its operations procedures, including on-water responses using a variety of boats, barges, and other specialized equipment.

My assignment: As part of a team of four writers, I’m documenting these procedures either by interviewing subject matter experts or by participating in actual exercises and practice drills to record and observe the procedures, often using my own photographs to re-create sequences after the fact.

What I created: concise, well structured, well illustrated SOPs that capture the knowledge of highly skilled personnel, with particular emphasis on safe practices.

Provincial government ministry

Context: The ministry is rolling out a new adoption portal to be used by ministry staff, adoption agency staff and prospective parents.

My assignment: create a master user guide documenting the site. In the process, I’m mentoring a junior technical writer who is assigned to the project.

What I created: A well-organized, attractively designed master user guide in Word suitable for a wide range of users ranging from support staff through social workers to security administrators.

IBI Group

Context: IBI Group – a publicly traded global architecture, engineering, transportation, planning and systems firm – is rolling out a new web-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) application.

My assignment: create online documentation to help users across the firm get up to speed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What I created: A well-organized, attractively designed online user help system in the latest version of Madcap Flare. The design follows the standard tripane layout. The help has fast, easy searching and printing.


Context: Scotiabank is rolling out a new web-based system to track, manage and monitor the 2500+ software applications used by the bank around the world.

My assignment: create customized documentation to get IT and other bank users up to speed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What I created: A well-organized, professionally designed user guide documenting all the functions and features, accompanied by a full online help version of the user guide documentation.

BC Ministry of International Trade (MIT)

Context: The MIT’s website provides information about British Columbia and investment and business opportunities for potential investors around the world.

My assignment: help community editors across the province keep the site up to date.

What I created: an easy-to-read user guide for diverse audiences, with detailed instructions on how to log into the admin site, upload new content, revised existing content, save changes, and view those changes on the website. I also reviewed and rewrote the prompts and field descriptions on the admin site.

BC Ministry of International Trade (MIT)

Context: The MIT tracks billions of dollars in current and potential BC investment business opportunities using a customized version of the Salesforce CRM application.

The assignment: Create compelling training materials for training MIT staff in BC and trade reps around the world, and create a custom online help system for Salesforce to replace the generic vendor version.

What I created: context-sensitive, web-based online help that gives users both step-by-step Salesforce procedures and relevant business rules; PowerPoint training slide shows used to train MIT staff and trade representatives; and quick reference sheets used in training.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

In fall 2015, I taught a third-year course in technical writing to Bachelor of Technology students, and a first-year course in business communications to students in various business programs.

IBI Group

Context: IBI Group’s Toll Systems Group, based in Toronto, provides a sophisticated software and hardware solution for electronic and manual user-pay toll road systems in Mexico, India, Greece, Nova Scotia, PEI, and the Bahamas.

The assignment: design, write and edit a complete documentation suite – printed and web-based – for this group.

What I created: software user guides for each module of the tolling system, training guides, online help, hardware and technical documentation, on-site training (Toronto, Bahamas), and wiki management.

IBI Group

Context: IBI Group needs a communications manager to handle day-to-day communications tasks.

The assignment: Reporting to the Director of Marketing and Communications, I handled internal and external communications tasks that included:

* writing internal and external news releases for print and web
* editing the IBI Group annual report
* updating the corporate website
* managing the redesign of the corporate website
* producing videos
* supervising photo shoots
* liaising with the CEO for staff and director meetings