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Better looking tables in Word

Word tables don’t have to be hard to read when they’re filled with text. Using the default settings produces tables that look like this:   It’s not the world’s ugliest table, but it could certainly look better. First, reduce the width of columns one and two so that column three, with has the most text, is the… Read More »

Writing step-by-step procedures in Word

You don’t need expensive software like Adobe Framework to create easy-to-read, professionally formatted step-by-step procedures. You don’t need a graphic program to do screen captures either. Word and Paint can do it all. And Word and Paint, of course, are always available on a Windows machine. Step one Write the step by step procedures, apply autonumbering,… Read More »

Better living through typography

Typography is the art and craft and arranging text on the page and screen for maximum legibility and comprehension. We may not be aware of it, but every time we create a Word document we’re making typographic decisions – even if that only involves accepting Word’s default settings for things like line length, leading and… Read More »