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What we can learn from a Barack Obama speech

Even his fiercest critics admire Barak Obama’s superb skills as a writer and speaker. His eloquence was in full display this week in the speech he gave during the memorial service for the victims of the Dallas police shooting. But what exactly do we mean by eloquence and how does Obama achieve it? The dictionary… Read More »

Why we’re obsessed with innovation

Hardly a day goes by that we’re not lectured by a politician, academic or business leader to be more “innovative”. Canada is apparently falling behind in the world race to innovate and if we don’t do better, we’ll fail, or get fired, or end up in the poorhouse. In a recent Globe and Mail business… Read More »

How much does a writer need to know?

You might think this is an odd question for a writer to be asking, but it isn’t, really. We might assume that the more a writer knows about the subject matter, the better. And by “more”, I mean more facts, more information, more context and ideally, more wisdom and understanding. Generally this is true for… Read More »

Conquer your fear of the empty screen

I work freelance, so I often ask clients to write LinkedIn recommendations for me. Recently I asked a client to do this. He agreed. When nothing appeared after six weeks, I gently reminded him. He apologized and then said something that surprised me. “I have a terrible time with writing,” he said. “I never know… Read More »

Good communication can be habit forming

Every morning before work I go for a walk around the lake in the park near our apartment, accompanied by Colville, our 12-year-old English Lab. The walk takes about 20 minutes, so I’m guessing it’s a mile or so. I started the morning walk after we moved back to Vancouver from Toronto, and now it’s… Read More »