Better looking tables in Word

By | March 14, 2016

Word tables don’t have to be hard to read when they’re filled with text. Using the default settings produces tables that look like this:



It’s not the world’s ugliest table, but it could certainly look better. First, reduce the width of columns one and two so that column three, with has the most text, is the widest.


Notice this shrinks the depth of the table, which is usually a good thing to do.

Next, apply black to the first row with the Shading (bucket) tool:


Finally, select the text within each cell (including the header row) and use the Paragraph dialog box to apply space before and after of six points to the text so the table can breathe. Don’t select the rows with the arrow, select only the text within the rows. Adjust column widths again if necessary. Bold the header text:


That’s it!

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