Monthly Archives: April 2016

My top 10 grammar pet peeves

I like to tell my writing students that I have exactly 4,345 pet peeves that involve incorrect grammar, sloppy expression and all-round bad writing. Some smile when I say this. Some look quite disheartened, perhaps thinking I am going to list them all on the board. Herewith, my top ten grammar pet peeves: 1 Its… Read More »

Let’s put existentialism to work

In high school in the sixties we worshipped at the altar of two writerly gods, Jean Paul Sartre and Albert Camus. They made philosophy cool and relevant because they talked about things like honesty, moral responsibility and authenticity. By authenticity they meant, in part, living your life according to the moral values you believe in.… Read More »

Join the conversation – please!

When I taught business writing at Kwantlen University last fall, I was struck by the number of students who struggled with appropriate tone and style in their writing. Business writing has become much more conversational over the past twenty years. Where previously we used archaic words and expressions like “therefore”, “henceforth”, “as required”, “per your… Read More »